The Clock is Ticking: HBO’S ‘Watchmen’ Adaptation Has a Release Date

Since the finale of Game of Thrones in May, there’s been a huge question mark over what could replace the fantasy phenomenon, not just for HBO, but culturally. Not much has ever consumed people the way Game of Thrones did and it’s quite unlikely anything will ever again. HBO has multiple new projects in the works in an attempt to fill this void, including multiple Game of Thrones spin-off shows (announced earlier this year), and an adaptation of His Dark Materials.

However, of all of the upcoming projects attempting to capitalise on this gap in the market, the upcoming Watchmen adaptation could be the dark horse in the race. Adapted from the critically acclaimed comic of the same name, written by Alan Moore in the ’80s (which features in Time’s List of 100 Best Novels), Watchmen is set in an alternate history, against the backdrop of Cold War America. In this story, which will be adapted by HBO, superheroes are real and have drastically changed certain historic events, such as the Vietnam War.

If being adapted from what’s considered one of the greatest comics of all time wasn’t enough, Watchmen show-runner, Damon Lindelof, is of an incredible pedigree with The Leftovers and Lost in his roster. Watchmen also boasts what can only be referred to as a stellar cast, featuring Regina King, Louis Gossett Jr., Frances Fisher, Tim Blake Nelson, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Jeremy Irons.

The recent announcement that Watchmen will release on October 21 in the UK is great news for fans of the comic and historical fantasy – though it may take time for another HBO show to take the world by storm.


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