First Image of Zac Efron Playing Ted Bundy Released on Twitter

Tension about director Joe Berlinger‘s upcoming biopic of the famously charismatic serial killer Ted Bundy has been ramping up in recent weeks as eager fans have been teased with scraps of new information about the film.

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, written by Michael Werwie, tells the story of the infamous Ted Bundy from the perspective of his long term girlfriend, Elizabeth Kloepfer. Kloepfer was responsible for finally turning him in to the police, but only learn about the true extent of his heinous crimes when he confessed while incarcerated.

Kloepfer will be played by Lily Collins, while it has recently been announced that John Malkovich has also joined the cast as the presiding judge for Bundy’s 1979 trial. Bundy himself will be portrayed by Zac Efron, as the former Disney child star takes on increasingly more challenging roles.

Efron recently took to Twitter to share the first image of himself as the killer, captioned simply “Meet Ted.”

The image doesn’t reveal much, just a black and white shot of Efron holding up his Ted Bundy identification for his mug shot. For such a simple shot, it is nonetheless dripping with intrigue, as Efron’s posture and expression offer an indication of how he’ll step into the murderer and necrophile’s shoes.

Fans have already commented on the post describing the resemblance as “uncanny”.

There are certainly some eerie similarities that are sure to make for an engrossing screen depiction. Principal photography for the film began back in October 2017, but with the feature release still a while away, it remains to be seen whether or not Efron will top cinema’s impressive list of serial killer portrayals.

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