Director Andy Muschietti Isn’t Clowning Around With Proposed ‘It’ Supercut

It: Chapter Two was released this past weekend, debuting at an impressive $91 million, approximately three quarters of what its predecessor pulled in. But the Loser’s Club isn’t done yet.

Director Andy Muschietti recently spoke with ET and suggested the potential to merge the two It films into an extended supercut. This extended supercut would combine both films, add some scenes from the cutting room floor, and perhaps shoot “a couple extra scenes” on top of that, to make the supercut “a new experience” for fans of the franchise.

This suggestion may make fans with small bladders shudder, as sitting in a cinema for over five hours is a serious commitment, and not for the faint of heart. However, considering how long the original Stephen King novel is, and the way the two stories intertwine throughout, a supercut isn’t too far-fetched. The supercut may adhere more to the novel’s style of storytelling; instead of dividing the story by the ages of its characters, it could bounce between their original interactions with the clown, and their reunion nearly three decades later.

It should be noted that this isn’t just the studio trying to claim more money from the fans – something re-releases are often guilty of – instead, the director is actively pushing the studio for this opportunity.

A supercut will not be for everyone, but with every franchise, there’s always a group of hardcore fans who can never get enough. So, for those people, the potential for a supercut comes as an exciting prospect.

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