Matt Gaser’s Prof. Harkin Model Has Finally Come to Life

The worlds created by concept artist Matt Gaser are so vivid in their detail and their incredible design that his influence has been seen in some of the biggest animated projects in recent years. With a portfolio spanning Star Wars: The Clone Wars and The Angry Birds Movie, Matt has spent a long time devoting his energies to his own unique projects.

In February 2018, his Kickstarter for a resin model of his original character Prof. Harkin went live. It successfully raised over $8,500, which was more than enough to take Matt’s concept of a quirky academic automaton and bring it to life. Backers not only got their hands of the first run of the little model, but also limited edition art books, exclusive prints and a lot of other cool merchandise.

Matt describes the world of Prof. Harkin as a:

“…strange universe of giants, slug people, humans, little creatures with top hats and of course robots of all kinds. Prof. Harkin lives in a metropolis called New Logan. It’s an alternate New York with creatures and things of all sizes living in the same city. Robots go to work like everyone else. [Prof. Harkin specialises] in helping talented students learn complex mathematics.”

Over the past 12 months, Prof. Harkin has gradually been introduced to the wider world. Late last year, an adorable pin was released as a teaser for the full event that was to come.

Now, the resin model promised more than a year ago is finished and available to purchase.

There are only 250 of the limited edition piece and each comes in a gorgeous box designed in the style of the futuristic professor’s home world, Gallagan. Each one is hand-painted, as well as signed and numbered by Matt himself, making every model unique.

These incredibly detailed collectibles are a beautiful entry point into Matt’s inspired stories and will only become more coveted as he builds on the world he has created.

You can read our interview with Matt Gaser here and buy your very own Prof. Harkin here.


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