Matt Gaser’s Prof Harkin is Now Available as a Pin

The world of Prof Harkin is described by its creator Matt Gaser as “a strange universe of giants, slug people, humans, little creatures with top hats, and of course robots of all kinds”. In the town of New Logan, an ageing automaton called Prof Harkin teaches complex mathematics at Kronsworth University for Gifted Entities.

Gallagan is a rich and vibrant fantasy world, brought to life through Gaser’s art. The original world and characters reflect the true extent of Gaser’s creativity, which over the years he has devoted to a number of both independent and big budget projects. These include such notable endeavours as animation for Star Wars: The Clone Wars and concept art for The Angry Birds Movie.

4f7d83cb3e92275571f9636b493f59bd_original.jpgEarlier this year, Gaser gave fans the chance to get their hands on their own little Prof Harkin through a series of resin art toys that introduced both the quirky robot and its home to the world. The unique collectibles started at a $150 pledge to the Kickstarter campaign that launched them. These are due to be finalised in the coming months, so that backers from the original crowdfunding campaign will at last have a chance to hold their very own Prof Harkin their hands.

Gaser is now giving fans of his sci-fi-fantasy creations another chance to get their hands on some exclusive memorabilia in the form of an adorable Prof Harkin pin.

The commemorative pin is available now. It’s equally handy for fans who have already invested in the resin model as an addition to their blossoming collection and for those who are newer to Prof Harkin’s adventures who might want something a little more subtle to showcase their affection for the mechanical academic.

The pin, as well as a host of other cool merchandise, is available to buy here on Matt Gaser’s website.

You can keep up with Matt and his work by following him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.


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