Matt Gaser’s Prof Harkin Kickstarter Campaign Goes Live

Having honed his creative skills working on animation for Star Wars: The Clone Wars and concept design for The Angry Birds Movie, Matt Gaser has cemented his place in the world of fantasy and sci-fi art.

Around the wealth of both big budget and independent projects he has been involved with, Gaser has been building his own fantastical world in his spare time. It is called Gallagan, and Gaser describes it as “a strange universe of giants, slug people, humans, little creatures with top hats and of course robots of all kinds”.

On February 23rd 2018, Gaser launched a Kickstarter campaign to introduce Prof Harkin, an adorable robot that teaches at the Kronsworth University for Gifted Entities.

The campaign will bring Prof Harkin to life in the form of a resin art toy. Each toy bought by backers will be shipped with a special trading card that will explore the character’s backstory and introduce them to the world of Gallagan.

The goal of $8,000 will go towards production costs for the toy.

rof harkin.jpgThe design, 3D modelling, casting and paint mastering is already complete. Once the funding has been secured, all that Gaser needs to do is roll out production on what is expected to be a run of 300 toys – 250 of the original design, with 50 more in variant colour combinations.

Stretch goals include blank models that you can paint yourself and more colour variants. If the campaign manages to reach $50,000, Gaser will create three additional new art toys based on other characters he has designed.

Although a copy of the toy itself costs $150, pledges start at just $10. Early rewards include digital and physical editions of Fantastical: The Art of Matt Gaser and exclusive prints of Prof Harkin and his world. More generous backers can earn themselves T-shirts and original artwork.

This Kickstarter sees Gaser fulfil a lifelong dream to craft his own toys and brings a truly inspired character to life.

You can check out the Kickstarter here and you can read our interview with Matt Gaser here.


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