Dee Wallace Confirmed for Latest ‘The Devil’s Rejects’ Movie: ‘3 FROM HELL’

Rob Zombie fans rejoice as the second casting announcement is made for his third instalment of the trilogy: 3 FROM HELL.

Whilst there is ambiguity surrounding her character’s role, Zombie took to social media today to reveal that Dee Wallace (The Howling, Critters, Cujo) has joined the gruesome franchise.

913dwhalloweenActress Dee Wallace

Starring alongside veterans of the series, Wallace will appear in the latest horror flick with Bill Mosely (Otis), Sid Haig (Captain Spalding) and Sheri Moon Zombie (Baby), as rumours confirm filming is imminent.

We don’t currently have any details on the plot of 3 FROM HELL or any explanation for how the savage threesome survived the ending in The Devil’s Rejects. What we do know is that the gore god is planning a horror cast fit for a King, and no doubt the dysfunctional family are out for blood.


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