Bad Wolf Productions Begins Work on ‘His Dark Materials’ TV Series

Here’s something we can all agree on: The Golden Compass (2007) was a pretty poor adaptation of Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights – the first novel in his critically acclaimed His Dark Materials trilogy. Hollywood does poor adaptations all the time, but The Golden Compass failings were particularly painful to bear, probably because Pullman’s story is simply brilliant – and it deserved better.

Well, it looks like we’re (finally) getting the adaptation we’ve all been waiting for: Bad Wolf Productions tweeted on Monday that they are beginning work on a His Dark Materials TV series.

Fans of the epic trilogy have long been teased with the notion of a TV outing. In 2015, the BBC announced that they had commissioned a television adaptation to be produced by Bad Wolf and New Line Cinema. The eight-part adaptation had a planned premiere date in 2017, but nothing came about. By spring last year, writer Jack Thorne said to the RadioTimes that the series was still in pre-production, citing that the delay was partly because he wanted the story to stay true to its source material.

With that in mind, it seems that yesterday’s tweet all but confirms that we’ll see the worlds of Lyra and Will Parry on the BBC soon. Will it be better than Chris Weitz’s foray? We think so; Bad Wolf Productions were formed by the producers who revamped Doctor Who, so we know they have the pedigree to pull this off and that they can work well with the beeb.

Digital Spy are reporting that His Dark Materials is planned as a five-season, 40-episode series, with its first season based on Northern Lights. Exteriors will be shot on location in Wales, with some taking place in the Arctic.


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