Joe Dante and Michael Bonvillain On Board for ‘Teddy Bears are for Lovers’ Feature Film

Teddy Bears are for Lovers is a 2016 short film which subverts the expectation that cuddly toys should be comforting and cute. It melds dark humour with great voice performances and genuinely unsettling imagery, so the news that Michael Bonvillain will be adapting the material into a feature film is worth getting excited about.

The film is set to be Bonvillain’s directorial debut, although the former cinematographer already has a wealth of experience under his belt, having worked on projects such as Cloverfield and Lost. Bonvillain recently expressed his enthusiasm for the project, saying “it’s rare to find a project with the right balance of humour, scares and emotions that can make a film entertaining on so many various levels” (via Deadline).

teddy-bears-are-for-lovers-short-round.jpgAdd to this the fact that Joe Dante (Gremlins) is reportedly on board as an executive producer with Peter Jackson’s special effects company Weta Works creating the movie’s bloodthirsty bears, and you have a recipe for success.

The original short film was directed by Almog Avidan Antonir and was written by David Ernesto Vendrell and Matthew Hawksworth, with Vendrell set to return to write the feature film.

Teddy Bears are for Lovers tells the story of a modern day Casanova, Collin, and his current girlfriend Sarah, as they attempt to earn the forgiveness of Collin’s ex-girlfriends and evade scornful killer teddy bears. The feature film is yet to receive a release date, but you can watch the short below.


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