Zombie Survival Game ‘Dawn of Survivors’ Launches Team Survival Mode

The zombie game that made use of the Nintendo Switch online subscription from the day it first launched, Dawn of Survivors has everything you could want from a horror survival game.

You awaken, near nude, in a mysterious laboratory. Your backstory is a mystery. As you explore the ruins, you come across lumbering, hungry creatures that can only be described as zombies. Collecting clothes and makeshift weapons along the way, you escape the lab and loot an abandoned car to get supplies to build your makeshift shelter.

From there, the game has a lot of the trademarks of a classic survival game, complete with a distinct art style and a canine companion. You find resources, you build up your base and you defend yourself as well as you can against the hordes of zombies that are slowly taking over the planet. These zombies come in a variety of different forms. The first ones you encounter are slow-moving and clumsy – the classic zombie. Others are more creatively designed, paying homage to some of the horror genre’s greatest and most fearsome creatures.

Up until now, the PVP option has been somewhat limited. While you could raid other players’ base camps while they were out exploring, there was not a lot of scope to interact with them any further.

It has now been announced that a whole new dimension is soon to be added to the game that will allow you to better engage with your Switch friends in the form of the Team Survival Mode. This allows you to partner up with other players, combine your resources and keep each other safe. You can team up against the hostile world, to build, raid and hunt together. You’ll still need to be strong to stay alive in a zombie-infested world, but at least you’ll be able to take comfort in the companionship of your friends.

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