Which Horror Movie Monster is Basically You?

Navigate your way through an evening to find out which horror movie monster you really are!


You're at a house party. What do you find yourself doing first?

It's the end of the night and the house is a total mess. Do you stay and help out with the clean-up?

You're heading home and you realise you're starving. What do you do now?

You notice someone on the other side of the street is getting robbed. What do you do?

You're finally home at the end of a long night. What does home look like?

Time for bed! What have you got planned for tomorrow?

Which Horror Movie Monster is Basically You?
You got: Pinhead from Hellraiser

As the demonic leader of the Cenobites, you don't tend to get out much, which is probably why you're so pale. People find it hard to get close to you, because you're not very trusting, and you have a ton of off-putting spikes poking out of your face. You dress like you're going to a kinky S&M party because... You probably are. You're really into that kind of stuff. And the reason you're so angry and evil all the time is basically because you can't wear hats. And you really want to wear hats. It's tough being Pinhead.
You got: A Crawler from The Descent

You find it hard to be sociable sometimes, because you're used to living in pitch darkness inside a cave, away from humans. You can't see very well, and probably need to get your eyes tested, but on the plus side, your hearing is pretty damn sharp. Considering your terrifying living arrangements, you're actually pretty well-adjusted. You do what you've got to do to survive, and not really because you're inherently evil. You're still scary as hell, though. And you really need to take a bath.
You got: A Facehugger from Alien

You've got a bit of a bad rep, but at the end of the day, all you really want is to be loved, and to hug some faces. Perhaps you're not the biggest, or the brightest, but you've got great things ahead of you. After all, you're only at your second life stage at the moment. If you really put your mind to it, you could be a proper Xenomorph one day. Don't let those Chestbursters get you down - they're just jealous because you're cuter than them. Go and hug those faces! Go get 'em!
You got: A Gremlin

You're cute, fluffy and relatively harmless in the daytime, but when you get late-night hunger pangs, you can turn into a real nightmare to be around. However, that's not to say you're not thoroughly entertaining to hang out with. You're full of energy and mischief, and you sure do know how to get a crowd going. Wherever you go, more gremlins just seem to show up. You're the life and soul of the party, but we wouldn't want to get on your bad side...
You got: The Thing

You often find yourself mimicking others in order to try to fit in, but it generally doesn't work out, because people are pretty terrified of you. You're constantly changing your style, and you feel like nobody really understands 'the real you'. They're just too busy trying to set you on fire and stop themselves from being eaten alive and stuff like that. Also, you assimilated a load of dogs... That's just not cool, dude. At least leave the doggos alone.
You got: All of the Monsters from Cabin in the Woods

OK, you're just plain crazy. There isn't just one label that could fit you. You're unpredictable, creative, and basically the stuff of all nightmares! We definitely wouldn't want to piss you off!
You got: The Toilet Ghoul from Ghoulies II

You're a ruthless prankster, a sucker for gross humour and you're not afraid to get your hands dirty. You are basically the reason many horror film fans experience a brief moment of fleeting terror when going to the toilet. But you're proud of this little claim to fame. You are what you are!

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