‘The X-Files’ Creator Explains Disappointing 10th Season

Season 11 of The X-Files is set to come out next year and sadly, mainly due to Season 10 underwhelming so many viewers, the reaction has been lukewarm. After being brought back on the air following a twelve-year hiatus, the show struggled to recapture its original magic. Looking back to 2016, creator of the series Chris Carter has shared his opinion on why the series’ return fell flat.

Many feel Season 10 felt weird because it ran so short. With only six episodes to a season, the show never managed to hit a comfortable stride. It also deviated from the original formula of the series, having a longer overall narrative instead of a single plot for each episode. In an interview with TV Line, Carter was clearly aware of the pitfalls of Season 10, likening it to old friends getting to know each other again:

“There was some reacquainting that had to be achieved. It was like old friends getting back together. We had to shake some of the stiffness out … I think that we’re all in fighting shape now.”

Carter and the production team, seeing the bumpy return as a necessary hiccup, are surging ahead undeterred with Season 11. Set to hit our screens early next year, The X-Files‘ 11th season is expected to be a return to the original format. The season will have a more generous eight episodes and has been written in keeping with the monster-of-the-week format.

EW‘s first look at the the new season tells us that we can expect to see more chemistry between Mulder and Scully (David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson), as well as a renewed focus on their adopted son William:

“After getting the professional side of their relationship back on track in Season 10, Mulder and Scully will be drawn even closer together this year.” 

Carter says fans rooting for the formerly estranged duo to fully patch things up “have something to look forward to.” But the partners are in for an intense journey; the pain of Scully’s decision to give up William (the son she shares with Mulder) for adoption 15 years ago still hangs over both agents. “William has been an absent centre,” Carter says. “He will come to the fore.””

The X-files Season 11 airs on the 3rd of January on FOX.


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