‘The Empowered’ Brings Superheroes to Life in All New Crowdfunded Universe

In an age of fictional universes spanning books, comics, film and television, there is no end to the entertainment you can get out of a single character and their friends. But many of the most popular universes are long established, with many decades of source material behind them. This can make it feel like a mission to wade through seventy years of backstory to really understand the latest release.

Now, the creative minds behind independent RPG giant Shades of Vengeance are giving you the opportunity to not only explore a whole new superhero universe, but to get involved in its creation.

The team have recently launched a Kickstarter for an anthology of short stories entitled The Empowered. Described as “a universe with massive scope and endless possibilities”, they have invited a number of lucky backers to submit their own ideas for a superhero to join the team.

The book is designed to feature 130 stories from the exciting new universe. 30 have already been written by the Era: The Empowered creative team. The remaining 100 stories will be based entirely on superhero ideas submitted by backers.

Opportunities for your character to appear in the anthology start at just £20, with everyone who submits an idea receiving at least a digital copy of the final book. For £30, you also get a print edition that you can keep forever.

For £70, you’ll even be able to see your character come to life not only through the stories, but through the drawing ability of veteran cover artist Keith Draws. Keith’s 30-year commercial art experience guarantees that every character submitted will look at fierce and exciting as any of the biggest stars of the DC and Marvel universes.

Anyone who wants to read the full collection can get a digital copy from just £5 and a physical one from £15.

The Kickstarter ends on Sunday 21st January 2018, so there’s plenty of time to check out the plans and get your pledges in. However, if you want to submit a character, it’s worth getting your pledges in quickly as the limited numbers are dwindling fast!

The campaign to create The Empowered has already reached its initial goal of £300, but has big plans to expand if it meets its stretch goals.

If it gets to £800 – an extremely reasonable goal given its success so far – every backer will get a digital copy of the Era: The Empowered Rulebook Primer, to get an idea of what the full RPG will be like. If it reaches £1500, Keith Draws will be commissioned to create an entirely unique cover image for the Kickstarter edition of the book.

You can back The Empowered on the Kickstarter page and you can keep up with the newest campaigns from the Shades of Vengeance team via their Kickstarter, website, Facebook and Twitter.


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