Open-World Survival Game ‘The Forest’ To Be Released On PS4 In 2018

Endnight Games‘ first-person open-world survival horror The Forest is finally coming to PS4. The alpha has been on Steam for a while, generating a very positive reception, and now a teaser has been released at this weekend’s PlayStation Experience, slating the game for a 2018 release and showing off the game’s multiplayer feature.

This may feel like too little to late for some. The alpha version was released on Steam’s Early Access all the way back in May 2014, with the original scheduled PS4 release in 2015. Many early fans of the game are frustrated, having given up on the game ever being finished. Since then the game’s development has made headway, with a multiplayer feature being included that allows you to play with up to eight others. We don’t know what features of multiplayer will be on the PS4 version but it will probably be through the PlayStation Network.

You play as Eric Leblanc, the survivor of a plane crash who finds himself in a strange forest looking for his son. You must survive the natural elements and the woodland-dwelling cannibals who come out by night. You can do this by hunting and cooking animals for food, chopping trees to build shelter and laying traps. The game’s day/night cycle lets you prepare for the cannibals in advance and while you can try to fend them off with force, sometimes it’s better to avoid them through stealth tactics.

Inspired by such cult films as The DescentCannibal Holocaust and survival games like Don’t Starve, The Forest shows a beautiful natural open world with surreal, tribal horror elements mixed in. The graphics look amazing for an indie game thanks to the team’s background in VFX, having worked on several CGI-heavy movies like Tron: Legacy and The Amazing Spiderman 2.

While an actual release date hasn’t been nailed down yet, we do know The Forest will be out sometime next year.


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