Not Just About Manson: Plot Details Revealed For New Tarantino Movie

Quentin Tarantino’s ninth movie script has been in the works for a while, and has now been officially picked up by Sony. Originally rumoured to be a Charles Manson biopic, it’s now been revealed that the movie will be about 1969 in general, with the Manson Family serving as a backdrop.

After the huge sexual assault allegations scandal surrounding his distributing partner Harvey Weinstein, Tarantino has cut ties with the company, leaving the film open for a new distributor. In addition to Sony, he was also wooed by Warner Bros., who redecorated their studio front to mimic the script’s 60s setting, complete with whiskey sours and vintage cars. This evidently failed to work, with Tarantino being more attracted to Sony’s ability to release to worldwide audiences winning out.

While the recently deceased Manson will feature, he won’t be the focus of the movie so much as part of the setting. His cult’s vicious murder of actress Sharon Tate and her four friends will provide the backdrop to the main plot which takes place over the summer of ’69.

Actress Sharon Tate

Instead the protagonist will be a TV actor with only one hit series under his belt, trying to break into film. Alongside him will be his friend, sidekick and stunt-double who’s after the same kind of success. Tarantino has stated that he wants Margot Robbie (Suicide Squad, Focus) for the role of Sharon Tate. Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt,¬†and¬†Leonardo DiCaprio are all being considered for the lead.

With the very recent death of one of the most famous killers in American history, the film has quickly picked up a ton of hype. The film is currently untitled and we can expect shooting to begin in June.


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