New Trailer Released For ‘Winchester’ Haunted House Film

The new trailer has just been released for the Spierig Brothers’ movie Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built, the haunted house film set to come out in February. While we did get a slim teaser back in October, this new trailer offers an extended look at the supernatural horror which takes its inspiration from real life events.

Helen Mirren stars as grieving widow Sarah Winchester who, believing herself under the guidance of spirits, endlessly expands the construction of her sprawling California mansion. Jason Clarke (Terminator Genisys, Zero Dark Thirty) also stars as a skeptical doctor hired to treat the widow, who ends up embroiled in the unexplainable goings on within the mansion.

The film is based on the real life figure of Sarah Lockwood Winchester, an American heiress of ridiculous wealth who continually expanded and rebuilt her family’s estate over 38 years. As a result, the mansion became massive, reaching seven stories. With no master plan for the building, construction became chaotic, with windows looking out onto walls and doors opening to dead ends.

The Winchester Mystery House, as it’s become known, still stands in San Jose, California and is a popular national landmark today. Its asymmetrical, labyrinthine layout and unusual history makes the perfect setting for a ghost story.

Mirren is alternately formidable and vulnerable in the trailer as the head of the household. The setting of turn of the century America is a different take of the usual ghosts stories, which tend to be very Victorian and English.

As well as its original story, the trailer shows the film following many classic haunted house tropes. There are flickering lights, candles going out and violin strings galore. There’s even a creepily singing child. It’s difficult to tell at this point if these will fall into cliché territory or if the fresher, more unusual story elements will balance them out.

Winchester comes to theatres on February 2nd 2018.


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