New Details Released for ‘The Last of Us: Part II’!

We saw an exciting new trailer for The Last of Us: Part II drop last month, which left us all asking some pretty probing questions about the latest edition to Naughty Dog’s exciting franchise. Writer and director Neil Druckmann fanned the flames even further this weekend at Playstation Experience, teasing the audience by joking that “everybody dies” before seriously explaining that fans should consider every character to be at risk:

“There are stakes – there are real stakes… no one is safe. We want people to go into The Last of Us: Part II, especially with this theme… no one is safe, not even these two [Joel and Ellie].”

This panel discussion took place at Sony’s annual event for the video game industry. Druckmann was joined by actors Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson and co-writer Halley Gross (known for HBO’s Westworld). Gross referred to the project as a “daunting experience” but praised the collaborative environment. Druckmann quipped that, after her first day on the job, Gross went home to her husband and said, “I think I got someone pregnant”. We will, of course, have to wait until the game is released to find out what that means!

Other salient points to take away from the panel are that a large part of the game takes place in Seattle and will stay true to The Last of Us’s roots by being a single-player, linear, narrative-based game. If that sounds like lip-service to the fanbase, consider this: Druckmann also warned that fans of the first game might not like the sequel! Colour us intrigued.

The game appears to be around 50-60% complete, so realistically, we won’t see it until early 2019. We can, however, expect more details at E3 in 2018.


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