Titan Announces New ‘Bloodborne’ Inspired Comic Series

The game that launched a thousand controllers at the nearest wall, Bloodborne’s reputation as one of the hardest and most frustrating games ever to grace a console is well-earned. But fans of the game will tell you that it has a lot more to offer than blistered thumbs and shouted swear-words.

The series is dripping with intrigue, atmosphere and menace, and the setting of Old Yarnham would make the perfect backdrop to a truly terrifying tale. Recognising this, Titan have announced a new comic series inspired by the critically-acclaimed franchise. Titled Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep, the series will be written by Ales Kot, who also penned Generation Gone and Zero, with art by Piotr Kowalski.

The series zeroes in on a mysterious hunter who awakes in the city and is forced to survive bloody onslaughts from the various unnameable creatures that populate it. Like the game, expect it to be awash with guts and gore, but to marry this to some truly captivating gothic imagery.

Writer Ales Kot is determined to do justice to a game that has obsessed him for years. He says:

“Bloodborne is one of my all-time favorite games. I put close to two hundred hours into playing it and researching its universe, and that was before I even knew there would be a comic — I was obsessed.

I am honored to be working within the Bloodborne universe. There will be mystery, the weird, the eerie, the horrific and the bloody — and there will be an undercurrent of decaying romanticism, walking hand in hand with brain-mashing, soul-cleaving action, together ascending towards the Blood Moon as drawn by the talented and depraved Piotr Kowalski. Ascend with us, Hunters old and new. And do remember — one has to seek Paleblood to transcend the hunt.”

Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep Issue #1 is scheduled to hit comic stores and digital devices in February 2018.


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