Netflix Renews ‘Mindhunter’ for a Second Season

In October, the first two episodes of David Fincher’s Mindhunter were screened at the BFI London Film Festival and received critical praise across the board. Since then the series has been distributed by Netflix and gained a huge following from fans of police procedurals, criminal science, and horror alike due to its focus on psychology and the peculiarity of human behaviour.

It’s both a character study and a true crime drama, thus engaging with those who seek melodrama and those who are curious about the real life events which inspired the narrative.


With this in mind, it’s not overly surprising to hear that the series – which stars Jonathan Groff (Spring Awakening) and Fringe’s Anna Torv – has been renewed for a second season. Season One contained a plot thread which was left hanging and pushed its lead character to breaking point, so it’s easy to see where the series could go from here, and the fact that there are a whole host of criminals for Holden Ford to interview makes a continuation of the story a no-brainer.

Moreover, characters such as Debbie Mitford (Holden’s girlfriend) can now be pushed aside having served their purpose (to explore Holden’s personality and make the audience question his character) and in theory the series should go from strength to strength having established a winning formula.

With two likeable protagonists and unresolved conflict, there’s every reason to be excited for a second season of Mindhunter. Success isn’t guaranteed, but for now the prospect of a return to the complex world of criminal profiling should be greeted with cautious optimism given the stable foundation that was Season One.


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