Horror Director Ulli Lommel Passes Away

Ulli Lommel leaves behind a loving family, friends, and a veritable army of cult horror enthusiasts after his death this Saturday. The retired German director succumbed to heart failure aged 72. Like many directors of his generation, Lommel turned his hand to many different genres. His canon included over 60 movies, from true crime such as 2005’s B.T.K. Killer to arthouse and, of course, horror.

Perhaps his most successful movie was 1980’s The Boogey Man, a cult favourite that, despite a fairly modest following these days, was one of the most successful horror movies ever made, making $35,000,000 on top of its original budget of $300,000.

In a year marked by the loss of so much great horror talent, Lommel’s departure is the latest in a saddening trend. Let’s all put The Boogeyman on tonight, and raise a glass.


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