Netflix Just Got Spookier With New Horror Series ‘Marianne’

The most recent Friday the 13th saw Netflix drop all eight episodes of their new French language horror series, Marianne.

Marianne follows famous author Emma Larsimon (Victoire Du Bois) as she realises the characters in her horror novels are coming to life. The show’s namesake, Marianne (Mireille Herbstmeyer), is a witch who haunted Emma’s childhood dreams. Marianne’s ambition is to bring Emma back to her hometown in an effort to torment her in a truly terrifying fashion.

This is the latest attempt at a horror series by Netflix after the success of last year’s
The Haunting of Hill House, as they continue to diversify their content. So far, Marianne has received very positive reactions.

Decider stated, Marianne is good, manipulative fun, a collection of familiar horror tropes, nicely executed with a little bit of tongue in a little bit of cheek.”

Check out the trailer below for what appears to be another binge-worthy hit from the streaming giants, who have said that Marianne is “best watched with company and locked doors”.


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