Netflix Gets a Little ‘Brighter’ with Exciting New Sequel Order

Tomorrow, the streaming service juggernaut Netflix will release its biggest movie to date.

Bright (starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton) is the story about an average Los Angeles beat cop (Smith) who gets partnered up with the first ever Orc police officer (Edgerton). In this world of fairies, elves, and L.A. gang members, insanity kicks off when Smith and Edgerton stumble upon a magic wand. An all-powerful magical item that grants any wish its wielder desires. Now with the whole of Los Angeles after the wand, Smith and Edgerton must fight not only to do the right thing but to try to stay alive in the process.

According to Bloomberg, a sequel to the film has already by green lit by the studio with Will Smith signed on to reprise his role. However, Netflix have a history of generaly making good studio decisions (just look at Stranger Things, House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black), but they are still taking a gamble on this sequel order. Without an actual box office to tell if Bright will be a success or failure, Netflix is going mostly on faith that their audience will respond positive to the films debut.

But with Will Smith returning to his Bad Boys roots of good cop in the wrong place, a screenplay penned by Max Landis (Chronicle), and a sound track that kicks a large amount of butt, it’s hard to see this movie being anything other than a success.


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