Jason Momoa Teases Remake of ‘The Crow’ on Instagram

With each year bringing us yet another plethora of remakes, it seems almost peculiar that 90’s cult classic The Crow has taken so long to be dusted off by the powers that be. In many ways it’s perfectly placed for an update; it has amassed a passionate following and has a distinctive visual style, yet it’s a film that’s very much of the mid-90’s, and that vintage of cheese creates a stench that is often off-putting to modern noses.

A month ago we learned that Sony Pictures had got their hands on the rights, and today actor Jason Momoa teased us with what could be a piece of early concept art. The film will be helmed by Corin Hardy and will star Jason Momoa as Eric Draven. Over on Instagram, Momoa posted this piece of striking artwork to whet fans’ appetites.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the film is going ahead. In Hollywood, the best laid plans have a habit of ganging a gley. That said, teases like this are a good tool for gauging audience appetite for a movie, and a positive reception will have dollar signs flashing in the eyes of studio execs.

Titled The Crow Reborn, it will be a more faithful adaptation of James O’Barr’s own comic series than the 1994 original. Of course, the original film franchise was cut short by a tragic accident when star Brandon Lee was killed on set by a malfunctioning firearm. Many fans of the original are still keen to re-enter the tragi-gothic world of The Crow, and this new movie, if handled correctly, could give them the chance to do just that.


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