‘System Shock’ Remake Releases Update Video To Backers

The proposed remake of System Shock, the 1994 predecessor to underwater thriller Bioshock, has been in the pipeline for some time. After leaving us hanging after revealing their switch from Unity to Unreal Engine 4, now the team at Nightdive Studios have released a Kickstarter backer video showcasing what we can expect from the remake, as well as an update on the game’s progress.

The original game was developed by Looking Glass Studios and shares many of the same features with its watery younger sibling. A first-person action role-playing game, the player spends much of their time wandering alone through corridors and bashing things with a blunt object. The setting, however, couldn’t be more different. System Shock is a decidedly cyberpunk story, taking place on a deserted space station where the player must make their way through hostile robots and cyborgs. The remake looks to keep true to this setting, with its horror stemming from the ungodly mash-up of man and machine.

The backer video is nearly nine minutes long, showing off the glossy new environment of the world. As the player wanders around they are treated to audio logs from the developers, explaining where they are in the production. This is a neat little nod to the prevalence of audio logs in System Shock, and definitely imbues the new footage with the spirit of the older games.

The video also gives us a look at concept art, level design, combat and an FAQ, as well as an update on where the game is in production.



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