Jason Blum Teases ‘Sinister’/’Insidious’ Crossover

The success of Insidious: The Last Key could help to revive sister franchise Sinister, which largely bombed the last time it was seen at the box office. If you never saw Sinister 2, one critic described it as “an abysmal follow-up to its predecessor”, which is all you need to know. However, producer Jason Blum thinks he could bring Sinister and its demonic antagonist Bughuul back to life in a crossover. During promotional activity for The Last Key, Blum commented:

“We almost did Insidious and Sinister and I still feel like we might do that so, I think so. I think we’re going to cross our worlds at some point. I don’t know how yet but we’re gonna try.”

This shouldn’t be considered a last-ditch effort for Blum to do something with Sinister or extend the life of the Insidious franchise, which is now at a staggering four chapters. Blum first mentioned his desire to see his studio’s creations meet in a manner similar to the Marvel cinematic universe back in 2015:

“We’ve been putting Easter Eggs in movies in different things. There’s some in Insidious 3. There’s some in Sinister 2. We’re not close to an Avengers, but I do like the idea of having the worlds collide in the different franchises we work on. That’s a really cool idea… I want to continue to do that.”

That the concept has been on Blum’s mind for almost three years (that we know of) could mean there’s something to get excited about here. Like sci-fi and fantasy, anything can happen in horror and there isn’t anything within either the Sinister or Insidious universe that would prevent their storylines overlapping. Colour us intrigued.

Official Synopsis:
Brilliant parapsychologist Elise Rainier receives a disturbing phone call from a man who claims that his house is haunted. Even more disturbing is the address — 413 Apple Tree Lane in Five Keys, N.M. — the home where Elise grew up as a child. Accompanied by her two investigative partners, Rainier travels to Five Keys to confront and destroy her greatest fear — the demon that she accidentally set free years earlier.

The latest chapter of the Insidious world is directed by Adam Robitel (The Taking of Deborah Logan, 2014) and stars franchise veterans Lin Shaye, Leigh Whannell, and Angus Sampson.


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