Hulu and Blumhouse Are Plotting an All-New Horror Anthology Series

Streaming service Hulu and production company Blumhouse have both got huge things on the horizon. Since Disney recently took over the majority share of Hulu, it’s safe to assume there’s going to a be surge of new content and followers heading there. Blumhouse’s recent success with Jordan Peele’s Get Out has put the company on the map.

Variety recently reported in an exclusive reveal that the two companies are partnering up to bring the world an all new horror anthology that is being described as the first of its kind.

A Hulu Original, this anthology will consist of twelve episodes, each telling a self-contained story, which a new one being released each month over the course of a year.

Chief content officer at Hulu Joel Stillerman has spoken about the decision to reinvent television in this way. Eschewing Netflix’s reputation for enabling the binge-watching of your favourite shows, the monthly release schedule is definitely a different choice for streaming platforms.

0831_fea_ocr-l-hhnblumhouse-webStillerman claims: “I wanted to focus on this question of what does it mean to make television for a place like Hulu.”

Marci Wiseman, co-president of Blumhouse Television, has praised “Hulu’s commitment to create episodic instalments of an anthology series and to event-ize each of them”, adding, “You don’t get that kind of commitment from partners very often, and we’re really excited and enthused.”

So far, there are no actors, writers or directors attached to the project, but it is predicted that it will be approached with the same kind of attitude that has made Blumhouse such a major player in the horror genre. The company is known for giving creators a lot of freedom to do what they love and what they are good at, resulting in a number of genuinely strong horror classics.

Stillerman says: “At the heart of the deal is an extremely passionate audience and an extremely activateable audience in terms of horror … And it’s brought to us by, I would say in many ways that would be hard to argue, the consummate producers in that genre today.”

The first episode is due to premiere in October 2018. In the time between now and then, it will be interesting to see the kind of creators they get involved in the project and the direction it will take.

Given the success of similar dark anthologies, from huge shows like The Twilight Zone to Black Mirror and cult hits such as Inside No. 9, this isn’t an unreasonable move for either Hulu or Blumhouse to make and it’s bound to have a lot of interested eyes keeping watch over its development.


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