Grady Hendrix’s ‘My Best Friend’s Exorcism’ To Become Feature Film

With 2016’s My Best Friend’s Exorcism, author Grady Hendrix presented us with a tale of bodybuilding pastors, demonic possession and, most importantly, the intensity and heartache of teenage friendship. Described by the author as “Beaches meets The Exorcist“, the novel takes us to the tribal world of the ’80s high school, a terrifying environment further complicated by the furore surrounding the satanic panic. Fans of the book will be pleased to hear that it is now heading for the big screen.

41015038.jpgIn the novel, Abby and Gretchen have a friendship as strong as seems humanly possible, but strange changes in Gretchen’s behaviour begin to put a strain on their unshakeable bond. As Gretchen’s actions become more and more bizarre and malicious, Abby decides that supernatural forces may be at work.

Endeavor Content have secured the rights to produce the film, and director Christopher Landon is working to develop the property. Landon, whose previous work includes Scream-meets-Groundhog Day slasher Happy Death Day, seems likely to end up in the director’s chair. Quirk Books, the novel’s publisher, is also set to produce.

Jenna Lamia will write the script, with Hendrix on board as creative consultant.


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