‘Cognition’ Creators to Release Paperback Collection of All Five Comics

With five successful Kickstarter campaigns under his belt, writer Ken Reynolds brought the Cognition series to its conclusion in May of this year. With a crowdfunding campaign the driving force behind each new issue, the final piece of the puzzle fell into place a full three years after the first story was released.

The series begins with of a prequel comic #0 comprised of three short stories that introduce the dark, magical world of Cognition, which is available to download for free as a teaser. This is followed by four full story comics that follow the adventures of a steam-powered automaton named Cal and his demon-inhabited mouse sidekick.

On the orders of the British Occult Secret Service, or BOSS, the two are drawn into a dark and supernatural mystery through lives ravaged by evil spirits that have brought tragedy and death to the living.

Through Cal’s story, his relationship with his familiar and the discoveries he makes via his investigation into the underworld, the comic explores some of the richest questions in philosophy and spirituality. It tackles the conflict between good and evil head on, while following a character that redefines the very essence of humanity.

Reynolds’s story is enhanced by the monochrome, steampunk art style of Sam Bentley, lending even more depth to the adventure.

The complete series can now be purchased in its entirely from the Cognition web store, as both a PDF download and a collection of all five comics.

The next step for the creators is to compile the full story together as a single paperback book. This will allow fans who have been following the tale from the beginning to be able to celebrate its climax with a unique collected edition. Anyone coming fresh to series will be also able to take in the whole story at once.

You can follow Cognition on Twitter and Facebook, read it on Comixology and buy the comics on its BigCartel page.


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