Ghost Adventures to Launch New Mini-Series: ‘Serial Killer Spirits’

Whether it’s locking their hapless equipment tech Aaron in a room with a hungry demon or getting publicly owned by a rabbi on their live special, there’s nothing we love more than seeing the latest antics of the Ghost Adventures crew. Where most ghost-hunting shows are self-serious and dull, the absurd theatrics of star Zak Bagans make Ghost Adventures the guiltiest of guilty pleasures. We’re thrilled to learn that the boys have a new lineup of content for us this Halloween, this time with a (serial) killer twist.

On Halloween night itself, Ghost Adventures will be airing an investigation in the ‘real-life Conjuring house’. However, starting on October 5th at 9pm ET/PT, the Travel Channel will be airing a brand new four-part mini-series titled Ghost Adventures: Serial Killer Spirits.

Armed with cameras and spirit boxes, the team hopes to converse with the ghosts of some of America’s most notorious murderers. They will investigate the house in which H.H. Holmes suffocated a young boy in a suitcase, as well as the prisons that housed John Wayne Gacy and axe killer Jake Bird. The series will climax at a house in which Ted Bundy is said to have killed one of his victims, which has since been the site of satanic rituals.

The whole thing sounds like glorious nonsense and we are absolutely here for it.


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