First Look at Aaron Paul and Emily Ratajkowski in ‘Welcome Home’ Thriller

George Ratliff‘s brand new thriller Welcome Home will be making its way to Cannes this month. The director’s third feature film after the likes of Salvation Boulevard and Joshua, Welcome Home stars Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) and Emily Ratajkowski (Gone Girl) as a troubled couple staying at a beautiful holiday home, only to fall prey to the sinister homeowner’s plans to turn them against each other.

We have a first look at the film that’s been stirring up interest since last year. Paul has proved many a time in his Breaking Bad days that he can give fantastically tense performances. This will be something of a change for Ratajkowski though, who’s worked primarily as a model, as well as having smaller roles in comedies. Welcome Home could very well be her big break into the world of darker films and more serious roles. Riccardo Scamarcio (The Woman in White) also stars as the devious homeowner Federico.

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The film’s plot details read:

“Desperate to reignite the spark in their crumbling relationship, Bryan (Paul) and Cassie (Ratajkowski) rent a beautiful, romantic villa in the Italian countryside using a home-sharing website called Welcome Home.

Soon after settling in, Cassie befriends Federico (Riccardo Scamarcio), the kind, handsome stranger who lives just down the road. Bryan is instantly threatened by Federico’s good looks and charm, and Cassie becomes upset by Bryan’s jealousy.

Federico uses this jealousy to manipulate the couple into turning against each other. Bryan and Cassie find themselves caught in a sexy, voyeuristic, and increasingly dangerous game of cat and mouse where they discover the person you love the most may be the person you can trust the least.”

The film is written by David Levinson, with Allan Mandelbaum, Tim White and Trevor White producing.


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