Final Dev Diary For ‘Vampyr’ Confirms Release Date

Dontnod have released the fourth and final dev diary for their upcoming game Vampyr. In this finale to their behind-the-scenes video series, Episode 4 – Stories from the Dark, the developers discuss the art of balancing immersive storytelling with gameplay and, most exciting of all, reveal the release date for the game: June 5th 2018.

In their last video, the developers shared their approach to creating fleshed-out, realistic NPCs, making them feel like multi-dimensional characters. Here they continue in the same vein, with their focus on storytelling and keeping the world of the game compelling.

Game director Phillipe Moreau explains his dedication to creating atmospheric games while still maintaining strong gameplay mechanics, working with the unique relationship between player and game:

“For me it’s a bit like theatre. The spectator is in the foreground, sees the actors in front of them, the scene the lighting… This is what I try to transpose in video games. I want players to feel close with citizens, to feel totally immersed in the atmosphere of 1918 London.”

5jjyfoXJvdJ4f3Lz6m26HW.jpgNarrative director Stephane Beauverger also comments on the challenge of getting story information across when the player’s mind is continually focused on gameplay.

“The space to express narrative information is smaller. Beyond cinematics, you can’t easily convey major narratives. That’s why how we tell stories is very different.”

The video shows off the motion capture used to create realistic performances, something that’s being increasingly used in video games thanks to its ability to capture finer movements and more subtle emotions.

This series of video diaries has done a great job of showing the care Dontnod put into their projects. Seeing their unique approach to narratives within games, as well as getting a better look at the game itself, only makes Vampyr look all the more interesting.

Now we finally have a release date to look forward to. Only a few more months to go, after which Vampyr will come out on PlayStation 4, XBox One and Steam.


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