Elizabeth Banks to Star in and Direct Universal’s ‘Invisible Woman’

It’s no secret that Elizabeth Banks’ last venture, the Charlie’s Angels reboot, was not a success — financially or critically. However, it’s since been reported that Banks is set to direct, produce and star in Universal’s Invisible Woman.

According to Justin Kroll over at Variety, the film will be based on a pitch Banks presented to Universal, with Kroll reporting that there’s no relationship between this title and Universal’s upcoming Invisible Man starring Elisabeth Moss set to release next February. 

It’s also worth noting that this will be completely unrelated to Universal’s “Dark Universe”, after it was scrapped almost as quickly as it began due to The Mummy reboot flopping. Originally, Universal was going to use its monster icons to set up a Marvel Cinematic Universe-esque franchise. However, Kroll has reported that Universal is instead going to take inspiration from the recently released Joker, developing “filmmaker-driven projects based on the monsters’ legacies”. 

Whether or not this interpretation of Invisible Woman will take any inspiration from the original is still unknown, but the original had more of a comedic streak when compared to other monster flicks. As well as the news of Elizabeth Banks starring and directing, The Girl on the Train scriptwriter Erin Cressida Wilson is also attached. 

Hopefully more news about this project will be available soon, along with any news regarding the other monster projects Universal has in the works.


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