Could Andrew Lincoln Meet a ‘Grimey’ End in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9?

Fans of The Walking Dead are no stranger to their favourite characters being torn away (and torn to bits) over the last 8 seasons. However, it is with a heavy heart that we must announce the devastating rumour that TWD’s very own Rick Grimes is set to leave the show in Season 9.

Throughout the series, Rick has led not only his party through some traumatic and turbulent battles, but his audience too. We have witnessed many ruthless terrors over the years, ranging from The Governor, a set of cannibals, and of course, one of the shows greatest villains: Negan.

The Walking Dead apparently has no qualms about hitting us where it hurts, and without apology.

shit-happens-rick.gifCollider reported yesterday that the star who has been with the show since the very beginning will now be leaving it “during” Season 9. The site also notes:

“We do know that fans can only expect to see Lincoln in half-a-dozen episodes of the upcoming season.”

 They also add:

“To fill the void in the show’s leading man status, we’re also hearing that AMC has offered substantial compensation to long-running series star Norman Reedus to not only stay on board, but to take over the show’s leading role.”

So whilst we don’t know how or when it will happen, it’s safe to say that Grimes won’t go down without an epic fight, no doubt leaving a lot of shattered co-stars and fans in his wake.


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