Carmen Maria Machado’s ‘Her Body and Other Parties’ to Become an Anthology TV Series

Her Body and Other Parties, the debut collection of stories by Carmen Maria Machado, was planned for at least four reprints before its first wave had even hit the shelves. She was nominated for a National Book Award and the anthology itself was instant smash-hit.

The collection of queer, feminist horror stories has been released into an age of empowerment and the freedom to speak out against the powerful majority.

After speaking with dozen of creative teams hoping to give their anthology life in theirr own unique way, Machado came to an agreement with Imagine Television to make an anthology series for television in the vein of Black Mirror.

Samie Kim Falvey, president of Imagine Television, has said that she is sure the show will “undoubtedly be a force in the conversation about gender.”

The stories in the collection blend an absurd sense of darkness with an intensely erotic core. The combintion of the sexual with the terrifying creates a uniquely thrilling way of telling fantastical stories, giving an adult edge to themes reminiscent of fairy stories. Their part in the cultural conversation about sex and gender, according to Falvey, is sure to “capture the intense, unspoken psychology of inhabiting a woman’s body today.”

How the graphic tales – in more ways than one – will be translated from the page to the screen, for now, will have to be left up to the imagination. But given the competition over the production rights to the project, it feels safe to assume that there is some truly fantastic planned for the adaptation.


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