‘Blink’ is the Latest Comic to Be Adapted for the Screen

Another day, another comic adaptation. Comics continue to be one of the richest mines for content. Variety have reported that publisher Tapas Media’s digital sci-fi comic Blink is set to be adapted by Counterpart Pictures. Blink is written by DC Comics alumni Rex Ogle, with illustrations provided by Eduardo Francisco

Blink follows Mia, a young girl who leads a tormented life. On a particularly bad day, Mia lets out a scream in frustration, causing the bustling New York City around her to freeze. Little does she know that as she wanders the streets of a still New York – which in itself is a terrifying prospect – she’s being stalked by an ancient Lovecraftian terror.

When discussing the comic earlier this year with Forbes, Ogle said, “I wanted to create something terrifying and foreboding.” When discussing the monster, he added, “It is just the tip of a larger personification of self-doubt and self-hate, the solidification of fear and evil – all the things that haunt every person who is both gifted and cursed with existence.”

Blink will be a great addition to the horror genre, but if it sticks to the source material, it will also be an excellent opportunity to tackle some really hard-hitting themes. Mia struggles with depression and anxiety, and Blink doesn’t shy away from representing these issues.

Russell Sanzgiri, Counterpart Pictures founder and co-executive producer of critically-acclaimed documentary Changing the Game, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, is also onboard as executive producer.

Hopefully more news will surface soon about when Blink will enter production and when we can expect what should be a very interesting watch. This is definitely one to keep an eye on.


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