‘Black Mirror’ Releases Creepy Trailer for Season 4

The fourth season of Black Mirror has been in the works for a while now, leaving fans to question when the series will return and what the new episodes will centre around.

The episode titles have been floating around for some time and they invite speculation as to what their subject matter will be, and more generally the type of tone that they’ll be going for. Therefore, the first official trailer for the episode Arkangel is a welcome watch.

The episode is directed by Jodie Foster – star of The Silence of the Lambs – and the cast includes Rosemarie DeWitt and Brenna Harding. It focuses on parenting and more specifically how being overprotective can ultimately be damaging to a child. As usual, Charlie Brooker’s series is set to tackle everyday themes through extreme scenarios.

It’s a topic which hasn’t been covered before on the show and it’s one which has every chance of capturing the imagination given the talent that is involved, so optimism is completely reasonable.

The trailer itself is wonderfully creepy and casts its eye on the way that technology can create situations where well-intentioned people become a danger to themselves and the people that they love, which fits perfectly with the nature of the previous three seasons of the series.

There’s an idyllic quality to the opening of the trailer which is immediately concerning given what we know about Black Mirror. The phrase “it’s completely safe” is one which we can tell is grossly exaggerated.

“The key to good parenting is control” is an equally foreboding notion, suggesting that this episode of Season Four isn’t going to be a pleasant one for parents or children alike (although if you’re a child watching Black Mirror then perhaps greater control from your parents is advisable).

The release date for the fourth season is yet to be confirmed, but for now, this trailer provides a glimpse of the future and looks as though it belongs with what came before.


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