Trailer Released for Rob Zombie’s ‘Charles Manson: The Final Words’

The trailer for upcoming documentary Charles Manson: The Final Words has just been released. Narrated by musician and director Rob Zombie, the documentary is due to air this weekend following Manson’s death on 19th November, aged 83.

Serial killer Charles Manson, whose name has become synonymous with legendary status in true crime history, had been steadily deteriorating in prison for some time. In January, he was hospitalised for severe intestinal bleeding, and although it was found he needed surgery, he was deemed too weak by doctors and sent back to prison.

Rob Zombie, founding member of heavy metal band White Zombie and director of Halloween (2007), Halloween II (2009) and House of a 1000 Corpses (2003), has an obsessive interest in Charles Manson and his crimes, and so has narrated the documentary that focuses on the Manson family murders. It was due to air next year, but in the wake of Manson’s death, has been bumped to December to take advantage of the current public interest in the gruesome historical figure and his story.

Rob Zombie

Charles Manson: The Final Words will offer viewers insight into the murders told from Manson’s perspective using never-before-seen case files, pictures and exclusive interviews with Manson himself from inside California State Prison.

The filmmaker’s statement said:

“The documentary includes Manson’s eerie and disturbing conversations about modern society, justice, his decades behind bars, the Bernard Crowe shooting and the murders along with digitally restored audio recordings from the original investigations to reconstruct a path of events that led to the brutal slayings of movie star Sharon Tate and four of her friends on August 8, 1969 in addition to the murders of Gary Hinman and Donald ‘Shorty’ Shea.”

It went on to say:

“The documentary also includes compelling new interviews with members of the Manson family which reveal never-before-heard details that help uncover the real story and motives behind the grisly murder spree. Viewers will hear from accused Manson family members Bobby Beausoleil, Barbara Hoyt and Catherine ‘Cappi’ Gillies along with prosecutor Stephen Kay, defence attorney Gary Fleischman, music producer Phil Kaufman as well as other investigators and authors.”

The documentary will air on 3rd December at 9pm on REELZ.


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