Alien: Virtual Terror at Your Fingertips

As if James Cameron’s Alien wasn’t harrowing enough, you can now experience the terror for yourself in a virtual reality blast into the abyss.

Using the computer programme Planet Coaster, Hin Nya has designed the virtual reality terror ride that will test even the strongest of gamers and horror fans. Brace yourself for 15 minutes of heart racing suspense, brilliantly emulating Ellen Ripley’s plight and terror as we face her mortal enemy and its minions.

Once strapped in, the passenger is lead around a seemingly abandoned ship, until it activates its emergency “detonation procedure”. If that wasn’t already terrifying, we are reminded what lays in wait for us, as the all too familiar chilling growl creeps towards us.

Check out the link below for a preview of this new virtual reality terror.


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