4 Luxury Gift Ideas for the Horror Obsessive You Love

When someone has a genuine passion for a show, a movie or perhaps an entire genre, it might seem like they’ll be easy enough to buy for. It feels as though there’s so much merchandise out there that you could spend every spare penny you have for a life time and still not manage to collect every single thing in the range. And that’s before you take into account the wealth of handmade and fan-designed pieces that you can find on Etsy and other social marketplaces.

tenor (2)But even when there are gaps in someone’s collection, there’s always the risk of getting the wrong thing, like something they already have or something that doesn’t fit with the pieces they already own. This rings particularly true when you have an avid horror obsessive in your life!

So if you’re feeling ready to really splash out on someone this Christmas, but you’re not sure where to start looking for that perfect horror-themed present, check out the following gift ideas, specially hand-picked by our team of ultimate horror obsessives at Vampire Squid.

Atrocity Skull Desk Light

Embrace someone’s love of the macabre by extending it to the simplest of household furnishings. This desk lamp offers the work space a touch of horror magic, and is finely crafted enough that it also makes for a great feature piece.

Anyone who loves to surround themselves in horror image to inspire their work is sure to be delighted to display this on their desk.

Hammer Horror Masterpiece Bust Collection

Hammer Horror’s classic run of movies has given the world some of the most iconic horror characters and performances in cinema history.

Help someone celebrate their love for Frankenstein with a beautifully crafted bust of the all-round legend of a human being that is Christopher Lee as Frankenstein’s Monster.

Or, if the monster isn’t what you’re looking for, pick up a stunningly hand-painted rendition of Peter Cushing as Victor Frankenstein himself.

Failing that, you can opt for a different Hammer classic entirely with a fiercely glamorous figure of Ingrid Pitt as Countess Elizabeth Bathory from the cult hit Countess Dracula, complete with elegant patterns swirled into the texture of her robe.

Goat Horned Devil Latex Head and Chest Mask

With perhaps the exception of an all new cult movie, there are few things more exciting to horror nerds than the opportunity to embrace the spirit of the season in their own gory way. When every fancy dress party becomes an excuse to have Halloween early, buying someone something that can help upgrade their costume arsenal can make for a really thoughtful gift.

This mask gives any horror fan the opportunity to step into the role of a dark, demonic villain at every opportunity. Whether they want to be one step ahead of the game in time for next Halloween or simply want to really impress at their next horror movie night, this mask is sure to delight and horrify.

Universal Monsters Little Bigheads Collectors Box Set

When you’re not sure what will fit into their partially built collection, there is always the option of getting them something to kickstart a whole new collection of a different line. If you’re really not sure where would be a good place to start – and you’re looking to truly splash out on a great gift – you could spoil them with a complete set.

The Little Bigheads Box Set is built for collectors who truly love their classic horror. This Silver Screen Edition Collection is inspired by the iconic characters from the old cult movies released by Universal Studios.

The fifteen characters are all designed to be evocative of the original films, with the quirkily enlarged heads that gives Little Bigheads their own unique look. Whether you’re buying for someone who will set up a display in their home, or will keep the box intact for generations, this finished collection is ideal for any fan of cinema’s pioneering monsters.


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