‘Valfaris’ Coming This October

Valfaris has its release date, and you won’t have to wait long to get hold of it. The heavy metal action platforming space extravaganza is set to be released on October 10 on the Nintendo Switch and PC, with the PS4 and Xbox One releases coming in early November.

The latest game from developer Steel Mantis, the team behind Slain: Back From Hell, was first shown off earlier this year at the PC Gaming Show. This was where we first met the game’s rage-fuelled protagonist Therion and his vast catalogue of weapons, ranging from flame-throwers and shotguns, to the more outrageous tentacles (naturally), and the ‘envoy of destruction’ – which is potentially the best name for anything ever.

Therion’s task is, quite simply, to cleanse the space citadel – his former home that’s vanished and reappeared in the orbit of a dying sun. What once was an idyllic fortress is now home to all manor of monsters and demons. Just a regular day at the office for Therion.

Along with the heavy metal soundtrack, the developer’s have adopted a unique pixel art style, making the game look like a visually impressive experience.

The release date announcement came with a new trailer, showing off more of what we’ve seen before, but it certainly reinforces what the first trailer revealed: that this game will be a wild ride.


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