Turn That Frown Upside-Down: ‘Stranger Things’ and the Year of Horror

Producers of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things certainly don’t have a reason to frown right now, as it was reported that each new episode drew in a whopping 4 million viewers, according to Deadline.com. Apparently, quite a few of us got lost in the Upside-Down, with Nielson reporting that 361,000 of us nerds binged the entirety of the show in the first day it was released.

Social media has exploded with the release of the second series, with 3.7 million tweets and pretty much everyone agreeing that the kids from the show are all of our adopted children who must be protected at all costs. From lovable characters to the frightful Demogorgon, Stranger Things has captivated us all; and here at Vampire Squid, we fully appreciate the thrilling horror scenes and supernatural powers showcased in this epic sci-fi adventure.

It seems that it’s not just us who have loved all things spooky this year, as 2017 is now being dubbed ‘The Year of Horror’, with box-office ticket sales totalling $1.1 billion for horror movies alone!

Pennywise the Clown
from the terrifying re-make of Stephen King’s IT has managed to pick up a few quid in his drain gallivanting, with the film reeling in $324 million. Annabelle: Creation and Alien: Covenant also spooked up screens this year; the former raked in $305 million at the box office and the sixth instalment in the Alien film series picked up a cool $240 million.

But don’t you crazy kids worry if your horror quota is not yet filled, as the Year of Horror is not quite done! He’s Out There is being released on 1st December, with The Shape of Water close behind on the 8th. Whether or not 2018 will bring more horror-fuelled binges, we don’t know. But for now, we relish in the frightful Year of Horror and invite you to do the same.


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