New ‘Re-Animator’ Movie (No, Not That One) Gets a Title

Fans of Stuart Gordon’s utterly epic 80’s Lovecraftian romps will no doubt already be salivating at the thought of a new Re-Animator film. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to ask you to hold those horses: this isn’t that Re-Animator. As much as we pine for the dulcet tones of Jeffrey Combs, however, we aren’t going to dismiss this new entry into the long list of Lovecraft movies just yet.

Originally titled Re-Animator: Evolution, Herbert West: Re-Animator now shares a name with the Lovecraft short story that inspired it. According to Isle Empire Films, this isn’t the only way that this new entry will mirror Lovecraft’s original vision.

Serge Levin, who will direct, co-write, and co-star in the movie, claims that his will be more of a straight adaptation of the source material than Gordon’s effort. Not only will it be tonally different from the madcap antics of the 80’s original, it will also introduce characters from the story who have never been seen on-screen before. These include Major Sir Eric Moreland Clapham-Lee.

According to Levin, this version will be “much darker, more thought-provoking, and definitely more grounded in science than the first adaptation.”

Filling Jeffrey Combs’ viscera-splattered shoes will be producer and co-writer Johnathon Schaech, with Brad Dourif and Lin Shaye rumoured to be attached to the project too.

Lovecraft’s work is so ripe for adaptation and yet so difficult to properly bring to the screen that we applaud any filmmaker willing to take on the challenge. Stuart Gordon’s films, enjoyable as they are, are only one of a thousand potential interpretations of the text. We look forward to seeing what Levin and his crew are able to make of it.


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