‘The Predator’ Star Hints at New Film’s Setting and What Mysteries Will Be Solved

Details regarding Shane Black’s upcoming effort to revive the Predator franchise with his new film The Predator have been relatively few and far between. However, in a recent interview with Pop Culture, Jake Busey – who will star as the son of his real-life father Gary Busey’s character from Predator 2 – teased some new details of the film and which franchise mysteries might be answered.

In the interview, Busey details where precisely in the timeline of the cinematic universe the new movie falls with this tangible connection to the second film in the series. “Jake said the new film is set after the second one,” Pop Culture reports. 1990’s Predator 2 took place in a 1997 Los Angeles, a city constantly on the verge of chaos from gang violence.

Predator 2 (1990)

The third instalment in the franchise, 2010’s Predators, takes place off-world and therefore has no concrete distance from the earlier films. Despite this, Pop Culture reports that The Predator will take place between Predator 2 and Predators, implying a setting in the past.

Director Shane Black’s last feature, The Nice Guys (2016), took place in 1977 Los Angeles. He would thus hypothetically have the experience in creating a consistent and immersive sense of time and place to good effect. However, the few images released of the movie’s cast suggest a relatively contemporary setting, and regardless, Black might not intend to work on two similar projects consecutively. Therefore, if The Predator is a period film, a wise guess might be that it would take place at the turn of the millennium.

Busey himself also described how the themes of the franchise connect this film to those previous:

“This one definitely falls in line with the original franchise in that it does focus on the technology that the Predators have.”

the-predator-stillPredator (1987)

Busey elaborated on this by revealing that The Predator “focuses on what the goal of the Predators is, and what their modus operandi, and why they come to the planet, and that type of thing. It’s definitely in line with the original franchise.”

This sounds like a case of a question that was never asked being answered. The Predator was only ever dubbed a ‘predator’ in the first films, which was enough explanation at the time for why its sole desire then was to hunt. It will be curious to see what better reason the Predators might have to be on Earth.

The Predator is due for release August 3rd 2018.


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