‘Black Mirror’ Season 4 Release Date Announced

The anticipated fourth season of the British-American science-fiction anthology series Black Mirror finally has a premier date: the newest season will drop on Netflix on December 29th. Since Netflix now produces and airs episodes of Black Mirror, all six episodes of the new season will be released together on this date.

Netflix have drip-fed fans with information of the new season with teasers for each episode released over the past weeks. We recommend going into each episode blind, but the teasers for Crocodile, Arkangel, Hang the DJUSS Callister, Metalhead and Black Museum are all available online.

The series, created by Charlie Brooker, has often been compared to The Twilight Zone, in that each episode either presents a moral or interrogates the audiences’ own. While Black Mirror first aired on Channel 4, the series migrated to Netflix for its third season. Netflix doubled the episode count and introduced American settings and collaborators to Black Mirror, which had beforehand been recognisably British, to accommodate to the series’ international success.

Leading up to this season’s release, 13 episodes of Black Mirror are currently available to stream on Netflix. This includes a festive Black Mirror Christmas Special, half an hour longer than the average episode, which features three bleak Black Mirror fables set against the most wonderful time of the year.


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