‘The Persistence’ Offers Clones, Space Zombies and Betrayals In VR

It’s a strange thing, but in the world of video gaming, space travel seems very old-fashioned. From the arcadey shooty-bang-bangs of Dead Space to the retro stylings of Alien:Isolation, games set in Space always seem to be somewhat backwards-looking. Firesprite’s The Persistence is a game that promises to bring the future up-to-date, incorporating modern tech into innovative storytelling techniques.

Set for release on July 24th exclusively on PlayStation VR, The Persistence is an immersive ‘zombies-in-space’ experience with several unique features. For one thing, the game sees you starring as Zimri Elder, a cloned security officer. Every death will see you replaced with another, identical copy, but will also allow you to upgrade your DNA, the better to face the challenge that just defeated you.

The possibilities of such a system are intriguing, from the opportunities of literal gameplay evolution to the surreal experience of being confronted with mounds of your own corpse.

As well as making full use of the VR’s capabilities, Persistence will allow friends to get in on the action via smartphones and tablets. Extra players will be able to support your runs, unlocking doors, disarming traps and bamboozling enemies. Of course, they could also betray you, and earn new powers by killing Zimri, just to make things interesting.

Check out the latest trailer below!


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