‘The Infectious Madness Of Dr Dekker’: New Lovecraftian Mystery Out On Consoles 2018

Lovecraft has been making a comeback of late, especially when it comes to video games. With numerous Lovecraftian-themed games in the pipeline for next year, The Infectious Madness of Dr Dekker is one of the most promising. The game is set to release on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and the Nintendo Switch in Spring 2018 through indie publisher Wales Interactive.


In the D’Avekki game, which launched on Steam in May of this year, you play as a psychiatrist trying to unravel the murder of the titular Dr Dekker while treating his former patients. You collect evidence pertaining to the case as you go through the game and question your patients to uncover any hidden knowledge they may have of the murder. Be careful what you say though, as what you say to them will determine their fates.

The identity of the murderer is randomly generated and there are many possible endings, which keeps the story from being too predictable. The most unusual thing about this game is the full screen video. This makes the interactions with your patients feel much more confrontational, as they are actual human beings staring back at you.


In the PC version, you type out questions manually through the keyboard. The console port has adapted this with a suggested question system, though you can still type the questions if you have a keyboard handy. The UI has also been enhanced for the port with visual and navigational aid.

Dr Dekker was well-received on its Steam launch, being praised for its ambition and characters. With more and more indie games making their way onto console, we can expect the Spring launch to be a big success.


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