Such Sights To Show You: David Bruckner to Direct ‘Hellraiser’ Remake

In news that has horror fans excited and angry in equal measure, Spyglass Media are planning a remake of demonic 80s  S&M masterpiece Hellraiser. Now it has been revealed that David Bruckner, director of The Night House and The Ritual, is slated to direct. The screenplay will be provided by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski.

Bruckner, who has also provided sections of anthology horrors V/H/S and Southbound seems like a safe pair of hands with solid horror pedigree. Collins and Piotrowksi also scripted The Sisters of Samhain and SiREN.

Cilve Barker’s original Hellraiser is a genre classic with legions of devoted fans. Although the sequels got progressively worse to the point of being completely unwatchable, they never soured the memory of the first movie.

Along with many fans, we have mixed feelings about a remake. On the one hand we’ve always felt that the world of Hellraiser is rich and provides lots of storytelling opportunities without just revamping the original story. A remake seems like a bit of a cop out when there are so many things about the Hellraiser universe that are yet to be explored.  On the other, a remake of Hellraiser was inevitable and the team assembled seem well placed to have a decent stab at it.

Our first choice would have been for someone to have had a crack at the legendary script for Hellraiser: Hellfire. This undeveloped screenplay would see the return of Kirsty, the protagonist of the first film. The story would have seen doomsday cults running around London, and the occult architecture of the city revealed to be a giant Lemarchand configuration with the potential to open our world to the cenobites. It was the awesome Hellraiser sequel we never got, and sounded like a worthy successor to Barker’s original tale.


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