‘Stranger Things’ Producer to Make Sci-Fi Drama ‘Crater’

Straight from the roaring success of its second season, Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy has been lined up to produce Crater, a new story about coming of age in space. Set on a moon colony, Crater draws inspiration from 80s teen drama Stand By Me and is anticipated to appeal to fans of Stranger Things.

FOX has purchased the spec script, written by John J. Griffin, and also has Dan Levine (most known for the 2016 sci-fi drama Arrival) producing alongside Levy. Rpin Suwannath, Paris Latsis, Terry Dougas and Gordon Gray are set to executive produce, with Suwannath conceiving the original idea for the script with Griffin.

The plot centres around a boy living in a lunar mining colony. After the death of his father, the boy and his four best friends explore a mysterious crater, after which they are even more mysteriously relocated permanently to another planet.

On the surface, this has a lot in common with Stranger Things, which was also heavily inspired by Stand By Me, among other films. As it follows a group of childhood friends having adventures and stumbling upon something they shouldn’t, people are already referring to it as “Stranger Things in space”. This doesn’t appear to be a bad thing, though, as the script hit #1 on the Tracking Board’s 2015 Hit List, showing that viewers are far from tired of the on-screen 80s revival. Evidence enough of this is the Box Office smash that was IT.Crater may be following the successful nostalgic traits of Stranger Things, but the space setting is wildly different from the latter’s small-town Americana, and opens up a whole new world of directions to take. With Levy at the helm, we at least know that the script is in good hands.


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