Guillermo Del Toro Speaks Out About Upcoming Fantasy Romance ‘The Shape of Water’

Here at Vampire Squid, we make no secret of our love for Guillermo Del Toro. Whether he’s rewriting the vampire mythos with Cronos or spinning dark fairy tales like Pan’s Labyrinth, his love for the darkly fantastic and fantastically dark runs deep. With so many great titles to choose from in his back catalogue though, we’d be hard pressed to pick a favourite. So when the man himself says that he thinks he’s made the greatest film of his career, we sit up and take notice.

Del Toro’s latest movie The Shape of Water, a fantasy romance about a woman who falls for a fish-person, has been wowing crowds the world over ahead of its December release, but it’s now won over its harshest critic: Guillermo Del Toro himself. He said:

“I’ll tell you, it doesn’t get more personal than The Shape of Water for me. I am the proudest of it.

It’s my favorite movie that I’ve done. You work very hard to get the movie out there and have it seen, and the movie does connect, beautifully, with an audience.”

Del Toro has always had one foot firmly planted in the horror world, but he strives to inspire emotions that go beyond simple fear:

“It has an enormous heart. I’ve seen it 190 million times and I still cry in three or four moments in the movie. It’s even more than that… I love it. I call it ‘a fairytale for troubled times’ because it’s an ointment against the world, where we’re waking up every morning with worse news.”

Crafting the film was such an emotional process, says Del Toro, that he feels it is necessary to decompress following its release. He plans to take a long break from directing commitments:

“When Devil’s Backbone was touring, I was busy in post-production on Blade 2, and it shouldn’t happen like that. I was so proud of that movie, and I didn’t enjoy it and I didn’t maximize my time with it.

Movies are like children. They grow up and they leave you, and they don’t come back home. They go to university and don’t call. So, I wanted to travel with Shape of Water.”

Inspired by The Creature from The Black LagoonThe Shape of Water features Sally Hawkins as Eliza, a janitor who stumbles upon a top secret research project. Also starring the incredible chin of Michael Shannon, alongside Richard Jenkins, Michael Stuhlbarg and Doug Jones, the film opens in limited release on December 1st, before expanding on December 8th.



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