‘Slender Man’ – Father’s Outrage at Controversial Film Release

The recent release of the Slender Man movie trailer has sparked much debate. Bill Weier, father of Anissa Weier, one of two girls who lured their classmate into the woods and stabbed her almost to death in 2014, claims the feature film is exploiting the real-life tragedy for financial profit.

On Saturday 31st May 2014, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser, both 12 years old at the time, attacked their classmate Peyton Leutner. The girls claimed the attack was a morbid attempt to impress the fictional character known as Slender Man. The victim managed to crawl out of the woods to the edge of the road, where she was spotted by a cyclist who called the police. The victim, also 12, was rushed to hospital and treated over 6 days for 19 stab wounds. Weier and Geyser were sentenced to 25 years in a mental health facility.

slenderman-killings 2.jpg
Anissa Weier (left), Morgan Geyser (right)

Bill Weier has admitted that, whilst he isn’t surprised the film has been made, he does find it “extremely distasteful”.

Although the film doesn’t directly name the two girls or their victim, it depicts similar aspects reported from the crime, including a noticeable similarity to drawings by Morgan Geyser.

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